New York State
Council on Food Policy

Identifying Food Policy Organizations in NYS to Expand the Dialogue between Government and Local Initiatives

In August 2013, the NYS CFP conducted a survey of local food policy councils and organizations in New York State that focus on anti-hunger, farm, nutrition and other food system related issues. The NYS CFP compiled this feedback to publish on the NYS CFP website, to share with stakeholders and utilize as an information portal to connect with and enlighten food system advocates around NYS. This information will help guide the Council in recommendation development, as well as collaborative efforts with state-wide and local initiatives.

The NYSCFP has also created a Local Food Policy Workgroup as part of its membership. This will include ad-hoc members of NYS food policy organizations as an avenue to close the gap between government and grassroots efforts.

Appendix of New York State Food Policy Organizations